Creative Camera Composition Workshop

My  Creative Camera Composition Workshop is a fun and creative photography workshop for beginners. Bring a DSLR or a Point & Shoot.
This is a  4-hour walking photo tour .
Dates : Feb. 3 – April 22, 2020 . All workshops by appointment
Workshop Fee : $ 175.00 per person, $ 250 for 2 people, $ 350 for 3 people

Shooting Locations : Sunset Cliffs/ Ocean Beach –
Subject Matter : People, Beach Scenes, Actions
Learn how to shoot fast action and capture motion with your DSLR.
You can capture also fast action with Iphone X

Orientation Location : Meet at Newbreak Cafe at 3 pm

We will be shooting around Beach and Sunset Cliff
Subject Matter : Architecture, Still Life, Urban Scenes

Learn how to use the composition tool to shoot

Learn cool composition techniques with focal lengths and camera angles.
How to shoot cool filter effects with your Iphone
All creative techniques can be used with a Smart Phone like Iphone or any Android Phones. Be sure you have a good camera on your smart phone.

Composition Exercise- Shooting vertical & horizontals subject matter
such as surfers using wide angle or telephoto.

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Gift Certificates of Photography for your colleague, a loved one or a friend.

Gift Certificates Available Now.

Half-day photo safari certificates are now available FOR SALE. These beginner DSLR workshops are 4 hours long and can be taken in the afternoon or in the evening  ( night photo class ).They’re also available for Photoshop for Beginners or Lightroom Basics workshops as well.

Here are a few ideas for a photography class to give to your loved one.

4-Hour Basic Digital Camera Basics for Beginners
4-Hour Photoshop/Lightroom Workshop for Beginners
4-Hour Night Photography Photo Tour of San Diego
4-Hour Iphone/Android Photo Tour in Balboa Park

Cost of gift certificates are only $ 175. Valid for 90 day use. Buy now.
Valerie La Jolla Cove Pelicans


Welcome to the San Diego Photo Safari Site

Thank you for visiting my photo safari  website. Its been ten years now since I started teaching photo workshops from my base in San Diego, California. My big  thanks to David Luria from Washington Photo Safari who got me started in the business. I always wanted to teach people photography and art and my mentor  David made it possible. I also wish to thank my art instructors Olya Losina and Reed Cardwell for helping me become a better art teacher. I adopted many of the teaching methods from David and my art teachers to teach my unique hands-on photo instruction to over 2,000 students.

Also there is a new direction in our photo tours now as we are now offering 2-3 walking historical photo tours of San Diego. We lead an intricate route exploring what makes San Diego America’s finest city .We lead an A-Z sight-seeing tour exploring monuments, classic occurrences, Civil War history and the general nuances of details that riddle the city on a micro to massive scale. A flexible tour since we are not holding you to our every word, instead we encourage you to move freely, get close and explore as we open the floodgates and give detailed history, always emphasizing good photography first, and briefly answering any complex photo questions. We always give good advice on what else to do and where to eat in San Diego after this tour. A great way to entertain everyone in your visit. Without having to merely walk and listen, we’ll make sure we have everyone snapping and interacting with San Diego !

El-El Gamboa ( Chief Photo Instructor )
Founder of San Diego Photo Safari

Sony A7R Full Sensor Camera Review

I just got back from San Francisco and I was able to test the new full sensor Sony A7R camera. This small sturdy camera has great ergonomics and a clean interface. Its much easier to use than the Sony Nex-7. Also most Sony digital cameras uses EVF unlike Canon and Nikon which have optical viewfinders. The advantage of having an Electronic View Finder is that you see the actual exposure right up to the time you click the shutter.

This is what recent buyers have to say about this camera.

The A7R is my “studio” camera and also for travel. The image quality is fantastic for portraits and landscapes. Like most folks, I’ve dreamed of having the raw power of a medium format camera, but spending ten to thirty thousand dollars was way out of the question. There was a lot of hype when the D800 came out and comparisons made to medium format produced results which were very comparable. Now two years later that level of power is a bit more affordable and very compact to boot!

Review by Wat

To be sure, this camera, imho, doesn’t replace a DSLR. Fast-paced action ? The A7R is out of its depth. But, if you have time to shoot, it is truly wonderful. I have the Zeiss 35mm 2.8 lens which, despite its tiny size, delivers great results. I’ve used my Canon and Nikon lenses on the A7R with great success. For the first time ever I LOVE manual focus. It’s so easy on the A7R – focus magnification and peaking make it a piece of cake for landscape, portrait, street photography. Since I love to shoot at big apertures (1.2, 1.4), this is actually easier than with AF. The precision and ease to achieve it is truly astonishing.