Welcome to the San Diego Photo Safari Site

Thank you for visiting my photo safari  website. Its been ten years now since I started teaching photo workshops from my base in San Diego, California. My big  thanks to David Luria from Washington Photo Safari who got me started in the business. I always wanted to teach people photography and art and my mentor  David made it possible. I also wish to thank my art instructors Olya Losina and Reed Cardwell for helping me become a better art teacher. I adopted many of the teaching methods from David and my art teachers to teach my unique hands-on photo instruction to over 2,000 students.

Also there is a new direction in our photo tours now as we are now offering 2-3 walking historical photo tours of San Diego. We lead an intricate route exploring what makes San Diego America’s finest city .We lead an A-Z sight-seeing tour exploring monuments, classic occurrences, Civil War history and the general nuances of details that riddle the city on a micro to massive scale. A flexible tour since we are not holding you to our every word, instead we encourage you to move freely, get close and explore as we open the floodgates and give detailed history, always emphasizing good photography first, and briefly answering any complex photo questions. We always give good advice on what else to do and where to eat in San Diego after this tour. A great way to entertain everyone in your visit. Without having to merely walk and listen, we’ll make sure we have everyone snapping and interacting with San Diego !

El-El Gamboa ( Chief Photo Instructor )
Founder of San Diego Photo Safari