La Jolla Cove Photo Walk

Enjoy a private 3-hour walking photo tour of La Jolla Cove & Children’s Pools with a local travel photographer & photo journalist. Learn the basics of photography from a pro shooter & traveller. Get the best vacation photos & portraits with your photo instructor Elle Gamboa.

Available Dates : Feb. 3 – April 25.2020
Cost of the photo tour : $125 per person, $200 for 2 people.
What to bring: Nikon or Canon DSLR or any brand camera, long telephoto lens, standard stock zoom lens.

To book this photo walk, contact me at

San Diego Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer

San Diego is the perfect location for a surprise wedding proposal to your girlfriend or boyfriend. For locations, I highly recommend La Jolla Cove or Sunset Cliffs although I have several other great locations in mind. So let me tell you how this works.

  • Call or email us to talk to your proposal expert & photographer
  • We will brainstorm proposal ideas and plans
  • Once we select a date and time, I will send you maps, diagrams and directions for the exact location of your proposal and you will be notified of where our photographer will be hiding out.  
  • If you happened to be in San Diego a day or two for your wedding proposal, you can meet your photographer in secret and do a practice run.

Wedding proposal photo packages

  1. San Diego Photo Tour Proposal – Book the 3-hour photographer tour for yourself and your GF or BF. Tell your soon to be fiancee that you book a photo tour of San Diego so it’s not too suspicious. You propose to her or him at a dramatic beach location at the end of the tour.
  2. Sunset Cliffs Surprise Wedding Proposal – Your photographer will come disguise as a tourist or shoot pictures from a distance. We will shoot the pics and video an hour or two before sunset.
  3. Mt. Soledad Cross Wedding Proposal – This is one of my favorite shooting location for any type of photography and a sunset proposal here is perfect. I have several ideas to plan this surprise proposal.

Costs and what is included in the packages.

  • A consultation with your proposal expert/photographer Elle Gamboa who will help you with your proposal idea. Elle will handle all the logistics of your proposal plan including a Plan B.
  • Your photographer Elle will be available for 1-3 hours to help capture the build up and the proposal moment. You will also received a private portrait session after you pop the question.

Customized photo tours of San Diego

Photograph beautiful San Diego County from the best points of view in a private guided tour with your photo instructor & experienced photo tour guide Elle Gamboa. Enjoy choice vistas of our iconic Ocean Beach Pier, check out the amazing ocean vistas at La Jolla Cove, hike the Cuyamaca Peak Loops Trail, enjoy the many scenic wonders of Balboa park , walk across the Spruce St. foot bridee and explore San Diego’s finest beaches — all in one day!

Since I first arriving in San Diego in the late 80s, I’ve spent virtually all my time exploring the beautiful surrounding terrain from North County to Chula Vista with an emphasis on the La Jolla beach area where I currently reside.

Pelicans at La Jolla Cove – photo by Elle

These sessions are designed for out of town visitors, foreign tourists or photographers who are less interested in instruction, and more in finding certain hard to reach locations that lie off the beaten path. I will customize a route based on your interests, and daily/seasonal conditions.


These photo excursions last six hours, and cost $600. Extended sessions (+$100/hr) and multi-day tours can be arranged on an individual basis.

  • $100 fee for each additional attendee.

Required gear:

None! You don’t have to be a photographer to take the tour, but you’ll probably get more out of it if you bring your camera. I highly recommend you bring a tripod if you want to shoot night photography

Need more info ? Email me dates you are available to attend.