San Diego Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer

San Diego is the perfect location for a surprise wedding proposal to your girlfriend or boyfriend. For locations, I highly recommend La Jolla Cove or Sunset Cliffs although I have several other great locations in mind. So let me tell you how this works.

  • Call or email us to talk to your proposal expert & photographer
  • We will brainstorm proposal ideas and plans
  • Once we select a date and time, I will send you maps, diagrams and directions for the exact location of your proposal and you will be notified of where our photographer will be hiding out.  
  • If you happened to be in San Diego a day or two for your wedding proposal, you can meet your photographer in secret and do a practice run.

Wedding proposal photo packages

  1. San Diego Photo Tour Proposal – Book the 3-hour photographer tour for yourself and your GF or BF. Tell your soon to be fiancee that you book a photo tour of San Diego so it’s not too suspicious. You propose to her or him at a dramatic beach location at the end of the tour.
  2. Sunset Cliffs Surprise Wedding Proposal – Your photographer will come disguise as a tourist or shoot pictures from a distance. We will shoot the pics and video an hour or two before sunset.
  3. Mt. Soledad Cross Wedding Proposal – This is one of my favorite shooting location for any type of photography and a sunset proposal here is perfect. I have several ideas to plan this surprise proposal.

Costs and what is included in the packages.

  • A consultation with your proposal expert/photographer Elle Gamboa who will help you with your proposal idea. Elle will handle all the logistics of your proposal plan including a Plan B.
  • Your photographer Elle will be available for 1-3 hours to help capture the build up and the proposal moment. You will also received a private portrait session after you pop the question.