Creative composition & Exposure Workshop

iphone photography

Become a more creative photographer by taking our creative composition and exposure workshop in La Jolla

Dates: April 17 – July 27 , 2024
Times: 8am-Noon, 3 pm to Sunset. Best shooting time is late afternoon
Workshop Fee: $ 200 per person for the 4 hour walking photo tour . Max: 6 participants. 16 years old & up
Location: La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Wind n Sea

What to bring: Any DLSR camera with a basic 18-55mm kit Lens and a Telephoto lens with max focal length of 200-300mm. Extra batteries, A monopod for shooting with the telephoto lens. You can also bring your Iphone 1 or Samsung Galaxy phones.

Subject matter:

Seascapes,  Sea life, Macro photography, travel, portraits, closeup, flash photography

What is cool about this class:

Learn the basics of photography: lighting, exposure, and composition from a pro photographer. Elle will help you demystify the complicated controls of your digital camera and in a few hours you will be shooting like an advance amateur

You will learn the basics of photography: Lighting, exposure, and composition. All new students need to learn the Triangle of Exposure. Master the relationship between film speed, shutter speed, and aperture. Learn to apply these camera principles to any film camera, digital camera, and video and wow your friends with your new technical knowledge. In addition to the technical part, I will explain the creative aspect of photography: composition and lighting . Art principles include: movement, unity, harmony,balance, contrast, proportion,pattern references,perspective, shape,color, texture, repetition. You will use the principle of the rule of thirds, leading lines, etc, in all your photo compositions.

Bubble man of La Jolla – Shot on a Go Pro 8 by Elle. Composition rules used are leading lines/rule of 3rds
La Jolla Cove Sunset – photo by elle