Digital Photography Bootcamp for Beginners – Old Town & Sunset Cliffs – A fun class

Digital Photography Bootcamp for Beginners

Workshop Dates : June 18 – July 30 , 2015. Other dates available by request.
Workshop Fee:  $ 175 for the 5 hour class.
Morning Class : 730am – 1230 pm, Afternoon Class : 2-7 pm
Meeting place: Living Room
All students will learn the Triangle of Exposure.

Shooting locations : Old Town, Sunset Cliffs

Subject Matter: Architecture, Interiors, Macro Photography, Winter Landscape Photography
Technical topics: Mastering the three most popular exposure settings ( Aperture Priority,
Shutter Priority, Manual ), Color correction techniques using White Balance Settings,
and Picture Styles, Exposure Compensation experiment ( effects of over and under exposure ).

What’s included: Hands-on photo instruction with a small group, photo tips book ( PDF files )
Elle’s special composition tool, photo critique

What to bring : Digital camera or point and shoot , Winter jacket and hat
comfortable walking shoes, note pad and pen

What’s not included: transportation, optional dinner after the photo tour

What is cool about this class:

Learn the basics of photography: lighting, exposure, and composition from a pro photographer.
Elle will help you demystify the complicated controls of your digital camera without reading the manual.
Learn cool composition techniques with focal lengths  and camera angles.
Master shooting color and black and white in overcast weather. Results will amaze you.
You will learn how to create creative images in the worst weather conditions
Enjoy the art exhibit and outdoor photography in Central Park with a fun group of shutterbugs.
Practice your creative and composition skills with Elle’s unique composition tool.
Go home with awesome photos that will amaze your friends on Facebook.