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Experience our fun half-day walking or full day photo tours with a professional photographer and san diego native.

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Explore San Diego with your DSLR or Smartphone

What a better way to explore San Diego than with a local photographer and native Californian. You will see more in 1-2 days exploring San Diego’s most popular attractions. Your photo tour guide will also help you explore the hidden gems which is mostly known only to local residents. You will learn the local history and also get to taste the best restaurants in America’s finest city. 

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What you will learn

Important and useful stuff you will learn to improve your photography skills

Digital Camera Basics

You will learn lighting, exposure, and composition. You will learn basic camera operation (including f-stop, shutter speed and , fundamental concepts of photography, and how to control the photograph’s final look.

Creative Composition

Learn to develop your artistic eye using creative techniques used by artists.We will be using rule of thirds, frame within a frame,leading line, angles, and other creative techniques.

Photo Editing

You will learn how to retouch photos using Photoshop & Lightroom or a free online app call Pixlr X. You can also retouch photos with sotware on your phone or DSLR camera.

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